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In keeping with our aim to use print resources and archived information to bring you the best, richest site of on- line information about the plants of southern Africa, we have reproduced selected articles from past issues (1990-1999) of Veld & Flora, the journal published the Botanical Society of South Africa. We are extremely grateful to the individual authors and to the Botanical Society for their consent to republish this material on this website.

Articles scanned


Veld gardening by Ernst van Jaarsveld (several articles on how to create indigenous gardens in various parts of SA).


Aloe lutescens by C Todd and T Rambuda

Aspects of Ipomoea by Mienkie Welman - morning glories and moonflowers.

Bellflowers by Chris Cupido and Ferozah Conrad - about SA Campanulaceae

Between the tides and a hard place by G Maneveldt - surviving in the tidal zone

Carnivorous plants of South Africa by R Gibson

Christmas bells by Graham Duncan - about Sandersonia, Gloriosa and Littonia

Codon flowers by S Gess - pollination strategies

Dendrochronology by E February - tree rings

Euphorbia perangusta by Ralph Peckover - rare plant

Gardening with butterflies by Jill Reid

Geckos in the greenhouse by Ernst van Jaarsveld

Hesperantha by Peter Goldblatt and John Manning

Hypoxis by Y Singh

Indigenous climbers for the garden by Ernst van Jaarsveld

Indigenous houseplants by Ernst van Jaarsveld
   Part 3: Ferns, Climbers & Trailers
   Part 4: Succulent Indoor Plants
   Part 5: Bulbs for Indoors

Ixias by Graham Duncan

Kniphofia bruceae by J C MacMaster - giant yellow poker

Lachenalias of the Eastern Cape by T Dold & D Weeks

Mutavhatsindi by Colleen Todd - a medicinal tree Brackenridgea zanguebarica

Obtaining a plant collecting permit - regulations on plant collecting in SA.

Rhizaheaths by C Builey - "sandy coatings" on grass roots.

SA Blubells by Sarah Gess - about Wahlenbergia

What flower is that? by Werner Voight - about saprophytic fungus Anthurus archeri


Brachystelma by Ralph Peckover - B. caudatum, a rare Western Cape species.

Birds, wasps and Tylecodon by S Gess et al - pollination of T.paniculatus and T.hallii.

Gardening for butterflies by Jill Reid - attracting the African monarch to your garden.

Greyia flanaganii by E M Steyn and G Smith

Heirs apparent by Caroline Joubert - plants thriving after the fire at Betty's Bay.

Indigenous houseplants by Ernst van Jaarsveld
   Part 1: Growing plants indoors & large accent plants
   Part 2: Herbaceous plants

Nectar of the proteaceae by S Nicolson and B E van Wyk - different sugars in the nectar attract different pollinators.

Succulent euphorbias from Namibia by P Burgoyne and G Germishuizen

Sundews by Gavin Maneveldt - insect-eating Drosera species from the W.Cape.

Unusual geophytes of the succulent karoo by Karen Esler & Philip Rundel - bulbs whose form relates to function.


Buchus for every Garden by Brenda Szabo - aromatic plants from the Rutaceae.

Gardening with Gabions by Ernst van Jaarsveld - indigenous plants for terraced gardens.

How to conserve Carpobrotus by Glen du Preez and Karen Esler- suurvy jam.

Kalkoentjies by Peter Goldblatt and John Manning - Cape and Namaqualand Gladioli

Moraeas of the W Cape by Graham Duncan - rare species cultivated at Kirstenbosch.

Of crustose corallines and lichens by Gavin Maneveldt - marine life on seashore rocks

Wild Garden - Butterflies in your backyard by Jill Reid


Aristeas and beetle pollination by Peter Goldblatt and John Manning

Mimetes chrysanthus by John Winter and Hildegaard Crous

The Cape aloe by Ernst van Jaarsveld - Aloe ferox and its uses

Amarylllis belladonna by SD Johnson and D Snijman - flowers best after fire.

Raphia palms at Mtunzini by Roy Osborne

Rare gladiolus found at Elim (Gladilous meridionalis) by Barry Heydenrych

Portrait of a medicinal tree (Warburgia salutaris) by Jeremy Hollman et al



What is Gladiolus cruentus? byJ manning and P Goldblatt

Rare and interesting plants of the Namib desert Part 3( Acanthosicyos horridus, Arthraerua leubnitziae and Orthanthera albida) by Magda Nel

Winterberg Cycad (Encephalartos cycadifolius) by J Donaldson

Clematis brachiata ex clematopsis scabiosifolia by Rachel Saunders

Kirstenbosch Bell by C B Tucker

Cupid comes in many guises by J Manning and Peter Goldblatt -about fly pollinators in the Overberg

Know your arums by Y Singh

Fynbos and Rodents by Jan Vlock

Aardvark and cucumber by J Hollman et al

Woodroses by C Dzerefos - shapes formed by parasitic mistletoes.

Surviving dessication by H Sherwin and J Farent - South African resurrection plants.



Love among the flowers by S Gess and F Gess- pollination of Monopsis debilis by special bee.

Staavias in cultivation by F Powrie

Mountain strawberries by D McDonald and J Donaldson -the strawberry everlasting, Syncarpha eximia

Turning the screws on bog bugs by N Crouch - the carnivorous plant Genlisea hispidula

Limestone fynbos by B Heydenrych - patches of limestone fynbos in S Cape.

Two oceans: influence on algae by Margo Branch

Swamp daisy and friends (Osmitopsis) by D McDonald

Treasures of semi-arid areas (Huernias and Duvalia) by B Pike

Why the halfmens faces North by P Rundel - Pachypodium namaquanum

Namib caper by E van Jaarsveld - Capparis hereroensis

Rare and interesting plants of the Namib deserts by Magda Nel - Part 1 Seed holding strategies of Rogeria longiflora, Aptosimum spinosa, Blepharis grossa, Geigeria ornativa

Fire and Ice by Shirley Pierce- using mesembs to stop fires.

Two rare Cape Amaryllid species by D Snijman - Haemanthus canaliculatus and Cyrthanthus leucanthus

Leucospermum praecox by O Malan and S Malan



Pyjamas in the veld (Androcymbium) by B Pike

Rare grass from table Mountain by N Barker - Pentamaris longiglumis

Soil and Seed harvesting ants in the karoo by R Dean and S Milton - harvester ants enrich patches of soil

Plight of Protea pruinosa by J Vlok - how this protea has adapted to harsh conditions

Beauty and the Beast by S Johnson and K Johnson - Cape orchid pollinated by horseflies

Remarkable nama plakkie by Ernst van Jaarsveld - Tylecodon singularis

Cape Sundew by R Gibson - Drosera capensis

Major re-discovery of Disa minor by H Kurzweil

Wild irises for the garden by Graham Duncan - Dietes species

Medicinal and aromatic plants by Gill Scott

Wild seringa by Danie Dry - Burkea africana


Ocotea bullata by M Thomas - growing stinkwood trees from cuttings

Coralline algae by D Keats

Buzz pollination of Orpheum frutescens by S Johnson

Confusing confetti bush by D McDonald - difference between Coleonema pulchellum and C. pulchrum

Betty's Bay fire stimulates display of orchids by W R Litveld and H Kurzweil

Compass flowers by E Moll - use a Leucospermum as a compass in the field.

Pelargonium tricolor by D McDonald and Fiona Powrie

Kukumakranka by C Lighton - Gethyllis afra

Kukumakranka- past and present by L Litved - Gethyllis species

Why is Haemanthus pumilo a rare and endangered species by A Summerfield

Woody iridaceae by Peter Goldblatt - Nivenia, Klattia and Witsenia

Welwitschia mirabilis in cultivation at Kirstenbosch by E van Jaarsveld

Ericas of the Cape Peninsula by Liz Ashton


Galium tomentosum, a yarn for the birds by Richard Dean & Sue Milton

Growing succulents under cover by Clive McDowall - article focuses on Asclepiads

Nara by Cornelius Berry - Acanthosicyos horridus - an edible melon from the desert

Plectranthus fruticosus and its cultivars by Ernst van Jaarsveld

Scents and sensibility by Steve Hammer - scent among the mesembs.

Heuweletjies by Guy Midgley and Timm Hoffman

Harvesting Seaweeds by Rob Anderson - Gelidium species

What are the implications of being a climbing plants by D Balfour and William Bond

Who says they are boring? by Fiona Powrie - Pelargoniums

Honey bells by Ernst van Jaarsveld - Freylinias

1990 and earlier

Enigmatic Clanwilliam cedar by P T Manders et al - Widdringtonia cedarbergensis

Cyrtanthus by G D Duncan

Fire-lilies by Pat Brown and Dave Le Maitre - Cyrtanthus ventricosus

A show of Plectranthus by Anthony Hitchcock

Indigenous plants for Cape Coastal gardens by Barrie Low

Success with Staavia dodii by Mary Wolff

Crinum bulbispermum by I Oliver

Wetland plants as craftwork resource by D Heinsohn and Tony Cunningham - especially Juncus krausii

Erica nana by Anthony Hitchcock

A quiet walk down the Camphor Avenue by H P Linder

SA Jasmines for the Garden by Rod Saunders

Bulbinella by Pauline Perry

Agathosma ovata by Mary Gould

On restios and roofs by Dr John Rourke - all about thatching reeds.

The thatching reed of Albertinia by H.P Linder - all about Thamnochortus insignis and thatching.



We are very grateful to the original authors and to the Botanical Society for permission to reproduce these articles. We apologise for the quality of the reproduction of some of these articles. To bring you the pages as they actually appeared, we have scanned them as jpegs and severely compressed them to speed up download time.

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