Gardening with SA Plants

Every year more and more people are discovering the pleasure of growing South African plants in their gardens. In the Plants SA section of the site you will find descriptions of hundreds of plants arranged alphabetically. To aid selection we have also created lists of:


In this section of the site we bring more advice on using SA plants in your garden.

Gardening with Cycads
Late Summer Surprises (Amaryllids)
Water-wise gardening

Using SA plants in the home garden or successfully landscaping with them depends on knowing which part of the country they come from, and how the climate there may vary from your site. Learn more about the Vegetation and Biomes of South Africa

We also reproduce a series of articles from Veld & Flora by Ernst van Jaarveld entitled Veld Gardening, describing gardens for each biome. We apologise for the quality of reproduction of these pages, which have been saved as highly compressed jpegs, but we hope you will find the quality of the information contained therein worth the effort.

To assist South African gardeners we also list the plants from other countries which have been listed as Declared Weeds and Alien Invader Plants in South Africa.


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